It's our 40th Anniversary!


The Ontario Chapter SDC welcomed the following

Guests of Honour

to Studebaker “Made in Canada”:


Stu Chapman –  Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Advertising & Public Relations Director 1963-66


Roy Graham –  Studebaker Dealership - Haydon, Ontario Graham’s Garage – Owner & Chief  Mechanic

                            Over 54 years of service to Studebaker Owners


Reg Hillary –   Studebaker of Canada – Sponsored Rally Car - Co-winner of the 1961 Trans Canada Car rally

                             while driving a 1961 Studebaker Lark.


Lou Saunders –  Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Factory Worker 1962-66


Peter Sant  –   Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Purchasing Agent 1956-58


John Spillett  –   Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Production Supervisor - 1948-66


Merry  Grundy Tinsley  –  Daughter of Mr. Gordon E. Grundy - President, Studebaker Corporation of Canada


   George Wingfield  –  Studebaker of Canada – Hamilton Factory Worker 1962-66   


Studebaker Made in Canada - Guests of Honour

         Left to Right - Peter Sant,  Lou Saunders, George Wingfield, Stu Chapman, Merry Grundy Tinsley, John Spillett, Roy Graham. Reg Hillary


Many thanks again to all of our Guests of Honour who attended Studebaker Made in Canada and helped

us celebrate the Canadian Studebaker Experience in so many ways