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Sunday, 11 August 2013 00:00

Exhaust Suggestions

All internal combustion engines use an exhaust system so it's nothing new that our Studebakers have them.

The things that we should be concerned about are leaks and perforations. These are fairly easy to detect due to the noise but the unseen enemy is the carbon monoxide which can seep into the passenger compartment unknown to anybody and it can kill very quickly.

Most of the original supplies of Factory exhaust systems have been depleted so we must now rely on muffler shops to fabricate new parts for our cars. These shops use generic mufflers and bend pipe with a press to make things fit. They will do the job but you probably will not be happy with the result and you probably paid a lot of money for the job.

My suggestion is to purchase your exhaust system from a RELIABLE supplier, somebody who makes the system to factory specs, and have it installed by your favourite mechanic.

The best system that you can purchase is one that is made in Canada by Don Simmons who operates as Silvertone Exhausts in Ingersoll Ontario. You can see his advertisements in Turning Wheels. When your local mechanic installs it he will tell you that it fits perfectly with no bending etc. I have the system on my Avanti R2 and I am more than pleased.!

The final outcome will be a system that is mandrel bent to allow gasses to properly exhaust, and more importantly, sound like a Studebaker should.

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