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Mistakes that I have Made

Mistakes that I have Made

(Confessions of the amateur mechanic)

They say that if you never make a mistake then you are not doing anything. I think that that is true BUT sometimes stupidity takes over.

For instance, I needed a new dipstick and tube for an engine that I was building. I ordered the parts from Phil Harris and when the engine was installed I put the new dipstick assembly in place. Then I filled the crankcase with 5 litres of oil plus filled the oil filter withabout a half a litre as you are supposed to do. Fired the engine and did the usual check for leaks. After about 15 minutes I took a reading on the dipstick. It was down one litre. This was odd. I rechecked it and used another dipstick and got the same result.

I came to the conclusion that the new dipstick tube was too long and did not go into the crankcase far enough to give a correct reading.

My stupid solution, and I have to admit this, was to cut about 3/4" from the top of the tube. Now the dipstick read full!!

Sometime later, much later, I was draining oil from another engine and needed to put it somewhere to take to the disposal station when I noticed that the jug that I had filled the engine with was not 5 litres. It was only 4 litres!

Talk about feeling foolish. I ordered another dipstick and tube from Phil Harris and told him that I would not tell him why.

We all do dumb things and the above story is not the only blunder that I have made. From time to time I will add to this.

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