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Monday, 29 April 2013 00:00

Idler Pulley Bearing on R2 Avanti

For the third time in 8 years I have replaced the idler pulley bearing on my Avanti. Maybe I tension the belts too much. Anyway the problem is buying a new bearing. I have been dealing with BDI a major bearing supplier. They take a look at the old bearing and then tell you that they have one on the
shelf. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. The ones "on the shelf" are made for a electric motor and the tolerances are too great which causes the bearing and pulley to wobble. They are labelled

"C 3" in the suffix of the bearing number. AVOID THESE !!

You will have to explain this to the counter guy and he will order you the correct one from their warehouse.

They are both the same price.

If you have a supercharged Avanti, before you send your Paxton off to be rebuilt because of noise, remove the belts and hold the idler pulley and wiggle it. It should not have any lateral "play"

The bearing is easily changed by removing the pulley from the arm. (easier if you remove the Paxton) the special bolt has a "flat" on one side be sure not to lose it likewise about the spacer bushing. Use snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring and tap out the bearing. I use a suitable size socket.

Re-install the new bearing using the same method except that for ease of installation put the Pulley in the oven and heat it up to 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Put the bearing in the freezer for the same length of time and Voila!! it drops right in.

You will need a little patience putting the pulley assembly back on the arm. Don't utter too many bad words!!

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