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Studebaker/Avanti Winter Storage

25 October 2012

Living in a Northern climate means that we cannot ( or should not) drive our cars when there is salt on the roads. Everybody knows that Studebakers tend to rust very easily if not meticulously maintained.So we store them over the Winter months.I will run through some of the basic things that need to be done.1. Drain the oil. Change...



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Drive Your Studebaker Day 2017
09-09-2017 - 09-09-2017
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Come one and all to our annual DYSD being held in Prince Edward County. We meet at 10 acre truck stop in Belleville for breakfast at 8:30 am. Will depart on road trip at 9:45 am with stopover at the Prince Edward Pt Bird Observatory to walk the trails and watch them catch and tag migratory birds. We will have lunch at Schroedters Farm Market at 1 pm. Plse contact Host if you plan on attending.

Contact: Will Norton  613-777-5314  wanorton1@gmail.com

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