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Studebaker/Avanti Winter Storage

25 October 2012

Living in a Northern climate means that we cannot ( or should not) drive our cars when there is salt on the roads. Everybody knows that Studebakers tend to rust very easily if not meticulously maintained.So we store them over the Winter months.I will run through some of the basic things that need to be done.1. Drain the oil. Change...



Ontario SDC


2017 Ontario Chapter BBQ - Hosted by the Timbers Family
22-07-2017 - 22-07-2017
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BBQ starts at 12:30 but come earlier to socialize. Located at 66 Kennedy Bay Rd in Dunsford Ontario. Contact Peggy if you plan to attend or need more info.

Contact: Peggy Cracknell  705-799-2857  or email at peggytim50@gmail.com

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